Sunday, April 24, 2011

Planning a wedding before the ring...

Anyone who knows me and my boyfriend Tommy knows that we have been in the process of picking out and purchasing my diamond engagement ring for months now. I am tired of waiting for the ring to be on my hand to begin the act of planning. Why must I wait for the ring to get organized and begin gathering information. I don't think anyone can ever be too prepared. I mean if I have to pay for something I need to save for it and to save for it I need to know how much it should cost. How will I know the cost if I don't start looking!

Now that we are all on the same page here are things that Tommy and I have discussed...

His family is huge... We have a list of around 150 people who are just from his side including mainly family.

We want a fun and casual wedding where people are relaxed and comfortable... Tommy doesn't like the awkwardness of uptight weddings and neither do I.

We don't want people to leave our party starved! I have been to weddings where you leave and feel the need to stop and get fast food because there was little to no food provided. Let's be honest people I love sugar and desserts but if that is all you serve at an evening wedding people are going to leave and stop at McDonald's! I wouldn't want anyone to leave my super bowl party starved with a sugar high.

We are planning to serve some of our favorite things. Burgers, grilled chicken sandwiches and grilled portobello mushroom "burgers" with mac and cheese and slaw. Because we are southern this suits us perfectly.

We want glass bottle soda! We love the look and nostalgia of glass bottles not to mention the superior taste! So imagine my surprise when I discovered this awesome site that shows bottling companies across the US. see The bottling company nearest me is West Jefferson Dr. Pepper. They have Sundrop, Dr. Pepper, Cheerwine, RC Cola and A&W Root Beer.

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