Monday, August 15, 2011

easy wedding guest book

a simple guest book

When our niece Kyra asked me to be in charge of a guest book for their wedding reception, I probably said “yes!” before she finished the question. I love projects. I also love simplicity. And weddings. And new love. And I love Kyra.  : )
I immediately saw in my mind’s eye the end result. It involved no fluffy, distracting “stuff”. It involved edge-to-edge pictures. It involved a lot of pictures from their engagement shoot. And most importantly, it would be filled with love from so many people that would be there to celebrate with them on the most significant day of their lives.
Whether you have a baby shower, wedding reception, 50th anniversary celebration, or retirement party coming up, here is one way you could put together a guest book. It’s simple and classic. You just can’t go wrong.
1. Always, always start with your album first. Make sure you know exactly what size you’re dealing with before beginning a project. We decided on a cute & practical 6″ x 6″ size.
2. Prepare your photos for printing. Using digital editing software (I use Photoshop Elements), get your images ready. Because of our 6″ x 6″ size, I created 12″ x 12″ canvases (yay that Costco can now print that size) and put (4) 6″ x 6″ images on each canvas.

3. Print photos.
4. Trim photos.

5. Insert photos. Note: For this title page, I knew this picture would be the title page so I added the text in Photoshop first.

6. Insert blank pages. Note: I decided to put a photo on every left side of the layout and a blank page on every right side. This particular album already came with blank cardstock in each page protector, so lucky me, I saved some time there.

The album is ready for guests to sign! At the reception or party, just take some of the blank pages out and have them on a table with some pens. As they fill up, place them back in page protectors and pull out more blank pages. By the way, I would love to give credit to this awesome little album but nowhere is it branded (and I’ve had it on-hand for years). Sorry.

Jason & Kyra now have this little book of family & friends waiting for them when they get home from their honeymoon. May it always serve as a reminder to them just how loved they are.


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